Volume 2, Issue 4

(1) Hydrodynamic modeling along the southern tip of India: A special emphasis on Kanyakumari coast


K. Gurumoorthi a , b , ∗, R. Venkatachalapathy c
a Faculty of Marine Sciences, Annamalai University, Parangipettai 608 502, India

b CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa 403 004, India

c Department of Physics, Annamalai University, Chidambaram 608 002, India

Received 24 August 2016; received in revised form 13 April 2017; accepted 8 August 2017
Available online 26 August 2017

Hydrodynamic models are important to many coastal engineering designs and application, especially addressing sediment and water quality. In this study, MIKE 21 two-dimensional (2D) hydrodynamic model based on the flexible mesh (FM) technique was used to simulate the surface currents forced by tides and winds in Kanyakumari coast. The model results of the tidal level along shore and cross shore currents are agreed well with measured data in Kanyakumari coast. The major components of tides and currents are analyzed by harmonic analysis methods. Root mean square error (RMSE) values for the measured and model tides (0.017 m and 0.079 m) and currents (0.025 m/s and 0.009 m/s) during the northeast (NE) and southwest (SW) monsoon period are calculated. A series of scenario runs for NE and SW monsoon season are used to understand the regional circulation. The model result shows that the Kanyakumari coast is dominated by tides and surface currents flow, which are influenced by the seasonal reversal wind pattern. Flows around this coastal water have been evidenced small scale cyclonic and anti-cyclonic eddies ranged from ∼55 to 120 km in diameter. The cyclonic and anti-cyclonic eddies are mostly appeared in near Kanyakumari and SE coast of Kerala due to local/ remotely generated forces.
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Keywords: Hydrodynamic model; Tide; Surface circulation; Eddy; Kanyakumari; Southern tip of India.