Aims and Scopes


JOES provides a medium for the publication of original research and latest development work in the field of ocean science and technology. 


JOES welcomes papers in aspects of ocean science and technology. Specific themes include, but are not limited to:


             Aquacultural Engineering                                               Ocean Acoustic

                 Biological oceanography                                                Ocean Engineering

                 Buoyancy and Stability (Static and Dynamic)                Ocean Mining

                 Cable, Mooring, Buoy Technology                                 Ocean Renewable Energy

                 CFD and VIV                                                                  Ocean Space Utilization

                 Coastal Engineering                                                       Oceanographical Engineering

                 Dynamic Positioning                                                       Oceanophysics

                 Fluid-Structure Interaction                                              Offshore Technology

                 Hydrodynamics                                                               Physical oceanography

                 Hydroelasticity                                                                Pipeline and Riser Technology

                 Instrumentation and Full-Scale                                       Polar and Arctic Engineering

                 Linear and Nonlinear Water Wave                                 Polar and Arctic Sciences and Technology

                 Marine Chemistry                                                           Safety and Reliability

                 Marine Environmental Engineering                                Seakeeping and Control Systems Measurements

                 Marine Structural Mechanics                                          Ship Resistance and Propulsion

                 Model Tests                                                                    Stochastic Processes

                 Naval Architecture                                                          Underwater Technology